This is a photo of me filming STV’s The Woman Who Ate Scotland – I really love food – and cycling. But don’t worry we are on foot in Edinburgh and I won’t eat all the food!

I was born and brought up in Edinburgh. I worked in London and Hong Kong as a food columnist and food editor eating and cycling through much of Asia before returning ten years ago to a vibrant Scottish food culture.

I was so inspired; I approached Scottish Television with an idea for a eating and cycling television programme. I was lucky with my suggestion and we made 16 programmes of The Woman Who Ate Scotland – where I cycled and ate my way round Scotland . The two-part series was shown on STV and also on the World Food Channel. Click on the Youtube link to see me cycling and eating Argyll on the west coast of Scotland where I learn how to shuck an oyster and cycle through some fantastic scenery and learn why a steep mountain pass is know as “rest an’ be thankful”


Nell Nelson - creator of Edinburgh Food Safari

I’ve created the food tour I would want to go on. I want everyone who visits Edinburgh to discover what a fantastic vibrant city it is, full of passionate people who care about food and where it comes from and what it tastes like.

These food walking tours are the tours I would like to go on if I came to Edinburgh for the first time.  All the places on my food Safaris are food establishments run by people who are as passionate about food and drink as I am – and you are.

Why a safari suit? So you can easily spot me, when we meet! 
Nell Nelson


Nell on a bike at the top of a mountain
Great views from the top: filming The Woman Who Ate Scotland

Eat Well book coverI  am also very interested in the links between good health and diet.

I am a qualified nutritionist and as a result of advising clients and helping  them with recipes, I wrote a cookbook Eat Well – The Easy Way to Look and Feel Fabulous published by Hachette.