Leith Food Tour on the waterfront

The Foods of Leith Waterfront

This food walking tour is a celebration of the historic Leith waterfront - and we don’t need to stray far from the water, there is so much history, stories, food and drink. Come and join us.

In the 12th century, Leith was Scotland’s gateway to the world. On this food tour – the past will come alive: as we imagine ships weaving out the port, laden with coal, grain, fish and hides, with more ships arriving at The Shore area bringing in spices, timber – we’ll walk through the former timber market  Timberbush,( ‘bush’ comes from the French  ‘bourse’ ). Cloth, and whale oil ( you can see one of the original harpoons on the Shore) also arrived at Leith and very importantly, wine, especially from Bordeaux. Now many of the warehouses have been converted into flats and restaurants. 

As well as being a hub of medieval commerce, it was in Leith that the first rules of golf were drawn up for use on Leith Links in 1744. 

A home for stranded sailors has been transformed into a stunning boutique hotel, but the angel above the door still remains vigilant for all its inhabitants.

This food safari is a circular tour – easily accessible from The Shore tram stop and equals a very good lunch with seafood being a focus. 

You’ll experience some of these on this food tour around Leith waterfront:

  • We start with a coffee from a local quayside roastery – and if we are lucky; get a tour of the roastery with a made-on-the-premises Danish pastry.
  • As its a Saturday we will visit the Farmer’s Market for cheese straws, or arancini or who ever has the best snacks to go with a beer from one of Leith’s newest breweries : Campervan’s Lost in Leith.
  • Aubergine crisps drizzled with honey  in an old bonded warehouse which is now a cool Spanish bar with sangria 
  • Afternoon tea of scones, jam and cream.served with tea or coffee

Leith waterfront is such an exciting part of Edinburgh to visit and we hope you will join us on this wonderful food and drink tour : )


  • Coffee and Danish on the Leith Waterfront
    Coffee and Danish on the Leith Waterfront
  • Coffee beans being roasted at the roastery on the Leith waterfront
    Wake up and smell the coffee!
  • Swans landing at Teuchtars Landing
  • Creamy Cullen Skink
    Creamy Cullen Skink
  • Scones, clotted cream and homemade jam
    Scones, clotted cream and homemade jam
  • Lost in Leith beers
    Lost in Leith beers
  • More tea? scones? at Mimis
    More tea? scones? at Mimis
  • Customs House - our first meeting point
    Customs House - our first meeting point
  • Saturday Market in Leith
    Saturday Market in Leith
  • Ginger beer served in a teapot
    Ginger beer served in a teapot






12 noon


3 pm


Leith Waterfront


Scottish seafood

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Uneven, cobblestone-lined streets