New coffee on the block

At the Charlotte Square end of George St on the north side – there is very stylish new coffee/drinks option – Hyde and Son – in the Eden Locke which describes itself as a aparthotel – more than just a room. I did not see the rooms – but they look very cool on website, I was more interested in the drinks option. The entrance to the ‘aparthotel’ looks very much like a very cool coffee shop and bar – which it is and I imagine you also can check in. I tried a hand-pour coffee – which is drunk with NO milk – so no chance for the barista to show off his leaf impressions on your morning caffeine.  With no milk, you can really taste the coffee – it looks almost like tea so clear but with a myriad of flavours – according to the packet mine was Rwanda Shyira with pineapple lemon and jasmine. Pictured here is ground coffee from Chipp Coffee Co an Edinburgh based coffee roaster having hot water poured over the grains.

I was very impressed and loved the ambiance Hyde and Son is open for coffee from 10 am till late. I am keen to use this lovely space as a meeting point – great for a coffee for a morning safari and even better to end up here for a Edinburgh-made gin with tonic from Edinburgh-based tonic water manufacturers Bon Accord – Once a dominant brand on the Scottish soft drink scene, Bon Accord was a household name and loved by many.  Now, four generations on, the company has been revived and reimagined for modern day consumers and flavoured with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar



Hyde and Son at Eden Locke

127 George Street




T: 0131 526 4190